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Jodhpur and Jaisalmer - Desert Kingdoms of India

"Polish comes from the cities; wisdom from the desert."
Above saying truly suits to the city of Jaisalmer. This city, lies in the heart of Indian desert called 'Thar desert', is also known as 'Golden city of India' or 'Walled city'. Once you visit the city, you see all the houses are in same color i.e. sand and in the night when lights are turned on you can the shining gold from all over the city. And this is called walled city because most of the houses are inside fort itself and fort is having a wall length of 5km.

Quick Itinerary-

DayCityPlaces to visitDay 1JodhpurUmaid Bhawan, Jaswant Thada, Mehrangarh fort, Mandore, Clock towerDay 2JaisalmerJaisalmer fort, Gadisar Lake, Patwon ki haveli, Kuldhara village, Sand DunesDay 3JaisalmerBada bagh, Longewala war museum, Tanot temple
I visited these cities in month of December 2018. As everyone is aware of torturous summers of desert, so Winter season of these cities see the highest footfall of tourists as the…
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A journey to lesser known ancient cities of India - Hastinapur & Shukratal

"Once war has been undertaken, no peace is made by pretending there is no war." - Duryodhana (The Book of the Effort)
This time we headed to meet some of my relatives in residing in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India. After greeting & meeting, they gave us the suggestion to visit ancient cities which are also mentioned in the Epic - Mahabharat.
Places to visit near Meerut/Muzaffarnagar:
It is situated 150km from Delhi, on the way to Haridwar. Historical Significance- It's also known as Shukteerth. This place is named after the sage Shuk. There is a canal which is a part of Ganga. It is believed that Shuk used to visit here to worship Ganga every morning. Nearby, there is a Vat Vriksha(Banian tree).

I had to capture this tree in 2 photos and still I could not cover it all as it is a huge tree.
Acc. to Hindu mythology, Shuk Muni recited the Bhagwat Katha(story) to King Parikshit(son of Abhimanyu who was son of Pandavas).For full story, read here. Also there is Dharam…